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About us

About Soham Eye Clinic

Soham Eye Clinic, established on 14th April 1999, is a low vision, custom made ocular and facial prosthesis eye centre in Kolkata founded by Dr Subhashish Chaudhuri. The ISO 9001:2015 certified clinic is committed to provide an affordable and comprehensive rehabilitation programme for patients suffering from low vision and help them utilise their residual vision through various updated and sophisticated low vision aids like hand & stand magnifiers, UV shields, electronic devices, magnifiers, telescopes, prismatic half eyes, filter glass, close circuit TV visors, prisms, spec well low vision telescope 2x to10x, flex arm lamps, caps, typoscopes, ocutech ves ii, auto focus telescope, different types of keeler lva and ruler magnifier.

The clinic treats patients referred from different eye hospitals of India like Sankara Nethralaya, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Aravind Eye Hospital, Disha Eye Hospital and Agarwal Eye Hospital.

One of the focus areas of the clinic is optimal cosmetic prosthetic rehabilitation of the socket following enucleation or evisceration and orbit following exenteration. Ocularistry and Anaplastology are vital services to cosmetically rehabilitate patients when everything else fails.

Our Centre for Custom Made & Ocular and Facial Prosthesis offering ocularistry and anaplastology services are fully integrated with the Department of Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics and Ocular Oncology to provide seamless and composite surgical-prosthetic-aesthetic management, the only such facility in India.

The clinic has six segments under one roof:

  1. Eye testing using sophisticated modern and the latest auto refractometer
  2. Fitting of contact lens
  3. Low vision clinic with hi-tech devices
  4. Optical dispensing counter
  5. Custom made ocular prosthesis with impression and accurate measurement
  6. Exenteration prosthesis
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  • Vision 3.5" Handheld Video Magnifier
  • Vision Max 4.3" Handheld Video Magnifier
  • VES - K (3x, 4x)
  • Ocutech VES - Mini
  • Ocutech VES - II
  • Ocutech VES - Sports
  • Ocutech Sight Scope
  • Filter
  • Ruby HD
  • Ruby XL HD
  • Pebble HD 4.3 Inch
  • Amigo HD Displays
  • Acrobat HD-mini Ultra
  • Pebble-mini
  • DaVinci Pro
  • Ocutech VES Explorer
  • Ocutech SightScope Compact
  • Ocutech SightScope Flip


  • Custom ocular prosthesis
  • Custom sclera shell
  • Orbital prosthesis
  • 3D limbus structure
  • New PMMA refining
  • Life like veining
  • 3D appearance iris painting
  • Full detailing of structure
  • High grade multi stage polishing
  • Light weight prosthesis
  • Self-lubricating prosthesis
  • Prosthesis with Ptosis-Crutch
  • Silicone shell
  • Custom conformer
  • Iris-painted conformer
  • Hydrogel socket expansion
  • Facial prosthesis
  • Osseointegrated prosthesis
  • Glue-on and spectacle mounted extenteration prosthesis

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Soham Eye Clinic

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