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Soham Eye Clinic is an authorised distributor and reseller of many low vision devices manufactured by companies such as Ocutech, Aumed, Enhanced Vision and Zeiss. It also deals with artificial eye products and bioptic telescope. It provides sophisticated low vision aids like magnifier telescopes, prismatic half eyes, filter glass, close circuit TV visors, prisms, spec well low vision telescope, 2x to 10x hand & stand magnifers, U V shields, electronic devices, flex arm lamps, caps, typoscopes, Ocutech VES II, auto focus telescope, ruler magnifier and different types of Keeler LVA.

An ultramodern lab has been established to manufacture cosmetic shells and artificial eyes. By taking impression of every patient's eye socket ball, to ensure that it would fit properly resulting in total ocular movement as the colouration would be done by matching the fellow of every patient, we ensure that it looks cosmetically natural on the patient's face and no cosmetic abnormality would take place.

Also available are Castroviejo Contact Lens, Conformers Ptosis Spectacle, Sockets Reconstruction Conformers Spherical – ball Implants. Our other products and services include:

One of our focus areas is the optimal cosmetic prosthethic rehabilitation of the socket following enucleation or evisceration and orbit following exenteration. Ocularistry and anlaplastogy are essential services to cosmetically rehabilitate patients when all else fails.

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